Word Processing Commands MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Word processing commands MCQs, word processing commands quiz answers to learn computer science online courses. Learn word processing multiple choice questions (MCQs), word processing commands quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on word processing basics, word processing fonts, word processing commands test prep for entry level IT certifications.

Practice word processing test MCQs: indention in computer word processing is used to, for online CS degree with choices make the text readable, change the paragraph color, apply border around text, and change line spacing for IT jobs. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, learning online word processing commands quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for computer certification exams.

MCQ on Word Processing Commands Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Indention in computer word processing is used to

  1. make the text readable
  2. change the paragraph color
  3. apply border around text
  4. change line spacing


MCQ: Format command can't be used for setting

  1. line spacing
  2. margins
  3. tabs and indents
  4. alignment


MCQ: Feature in computer word processing that lets you divide page in portions is called

  1. table
  2. columns
  3. rows
  4. cells


MCQ: Amount of vertical space between lines of computer text is determined by

  1. paragraph spacing
  2. word spacing
  3. line spacing
  4. text spacing


MCQ: In a computer, redo command

  1. appears on the standard toolbar
  2. restore the last action that was undone
  3. both A and B
  4. deletes the text