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System software multiple choice questions (MCQs), system software quiz answers to learn online CS courses for computer basics online classes. Basics of information technology MCQs, system software quiz questions and answers for online computer science degree. Learn computer printers, computer: memory devices, it revolution, video camera and scanner, system software test prep for IT certifications.

Learn basics of information technology MCQ: computer general-purpose software is basically a, with choices system software, data base software, package software, and application software for online computer science degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning system software quiz questions for competitive exams in computer science major .

MCQs on System Software PDF Book Download

MCQ: Computer general-purpose software is basically a

  1. system software
  2. data base software
  3. package software
  4. application software


MCQ: A part of a computer system that consists of data or computer instructions is called

  1. software
  2. chip
  3. hardware
  4. DOS


MCQ: Special purpose software are

  1. application softwares
  2. system softwares
  3. utility softwares
  4. Bespoke softwares


MCQ: In computers, operating system and utility programs are examples of

  1. system software
  2. device drivers
  3. application software
  4. customized software


MCQ: Two main types of a computer software are

  1. system software and application software
  2. LINUX and UNIX
  3. windows and Mac OS
  4. disk drive and anti virus