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Storage device types MCQs, storage device types quiz answers to learn computer science courses online. Data storage multiple choice questions (MCQs), storage device types quiz questions and answers for software developer degree online. Storage devices files, measuring of data, storage devices basics, measuring and improving drive performance, storage device types test prep for IT certifications.

Learn data storage test MCQs: cassette tape is an example of, with choices secondary, primary, volatile, and tertiary for software developer degree online. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning storage device types quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for computer technology certifications.

MCQ on Storage Device Types Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Cassette tape is an example of

  1. secondary
  2. primary
  3. volatile
  4. tertiary


MCQ: "Low cost per bit store" is characteristic of

  1. hard disk
  2. primary memory
  3. secondary memory
  4. ROM


MCQ: To enable computer for reading disk, disk is inserted in

  1. memory
  2. CPU
  3. ALU
  4. disk drive


MCQ: Storage device access in which access time is effectively independent of location of data is

  1. primary storage
  2. secondary storage
  3. direct access
  4. indirect access


MCQ: Storage device that can be transported is

  1. diskette/CDs
  2. hard disk
  3. system cabinet
  4. main memory