Using E-Mail Quiz Questions and Answers 6 PDF Download

Learn using e-mail quiz questions, online computer basics test 6 for distance learning degree, online courses. Colleges and universities courses, MCQ on internet technology quiz, using e-mail multiple choice questions and answers to learn computer basics quiz with answers. Practice using e-mail MCQ career test assessment on introduction to internet, introduction to computer networks, modulation in networking, character recognition devices, using e-mail practice test for online computer knowledge courses distance learning.

Study bachelor degree and masters degree in computer basics questions, using e-mail online course has multiple choice question (MCQ): query parameters are written usually after symbol with options comma, colon, question mark and ampersand with online global exams' preparation for international tests like ETS GRE practice test for good GRE scores. Learn internet technology quiz questions with problem solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Using E-Mail Worksheet 6Quiz PDF Download

Using E-Mail Quiz

MCQ: Query parameters are written usually after symbol

  1. comma
  2. colon
  3. question mark
  4. ampersand


Character Recognition Devices Quiz

MCQ: In computer terminology, OCR stands for

  1. Optical Character Reader
  2. Optical Card Reader
  3. Office Cash Receiver
  4. Online Computer Retrieval


Modulation in Networking Quiz

MCQ: Computer communication signal which is in form of continuous wave is called

  1. digital signal
  2. modulation signal
  3. analog signal
  4. binary signal


Introduction to Computer Networks Quiz

MCQ: If a computer in a network accesses resources that are shared by other computers it is called a

  1. server
  2. client
  3. receiver
  4. sender


Introduction to Internet Quiz

MCQ: Internet protocol includes

  1. ethernet
  2. ARCnet
  3. TCP/IP
  4. MAC