Windows XP Quiz Questions and Answers 249 PDF Download

Windows xp quiz questions and answers, windows xp online learning, computer basics test prep 249 for distance learning online courses. College and university courses MCQs on operating systems quiz, windows xp multiple choice questions to practice computer basics quiz with answers. Learn windows xp MCQs, career aptitude test on storage devices basics, computer printers, number systems, it revolution, windows xp practice test for online computer courses for beginners distance learning.

Practice windows xp career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): a folder within a folder is called, for online education degree with options subfolder, hyperlink, associated file, pane for online bachelor degree in computer science. Learn operating systems questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Windows XP Worksheet 249Quiz PDF Download

Windows XP Quiz

MCQ: A folder within a folder is called

  1. subfolder
  2. hyperlink
  3. associated file
  4. pane


IT Revolution Quiz

MCQ: Operations of a computer which are controlled by microprocessor are

  1. all operations
  2. logic operations
  3. arithmetic operations
  4. processing operations


Number Systems Quiz

MCQ: Convert decimal number 151.75 to binary

  1. 1000111.11
  2. 11001100.11
  3. 1010101010
  4. 10010111.1


Computer Printers Quiz

MCQ: Computer line printer is faster than

  1. daisy wheel printer
  2. dot matrix printer
  3. character printer
  4. chain printer


Storage Devices Basics Quiz

MCQ: Type of device which is 3.5 inch floppy drive is nothing but

  1. storage
  2. input
  3. output
  4. software