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Networking software multiple choice questions (MCQs), networking software quiz answers to learn online computer science degree courses. Computer networks MCQs with answers, networking software quiz questions and answers for online MS degree in computer science. Learn iso and osi models, ring topology, peer to peer network, network and internet protocols, introduction to computer networks, networking software test prep for IT certifications.

Learn computer networks test MCQs: once you have your computer network in place, you need a, with choices network operating system, hub, hardware, and software for online MS degree in computer science. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning networking software quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major .

MCQ on Networking Software Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Once you have your computer network in place, you need a

  1. network operating system
  2. hub
  3. hardware
  4. software


MCQ: Operating system which provides all particular features required to communicate over a network to access or share network resources is known as

  1. disk operating system
  2. network operating system
  3. Mac operating system
  4. android operating system


MCQ: Example of computer network operating system is

  1. windows 98
  2. windows 2000
  3. netware
  4. all of these