Word Processing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Book Download

Word processing MCQs, word processing quiz answers, computer basics test 1 to learn online computer science courses. Word processing commands multiple choice questions (MCQs), word processing quiz questions and answers for admission and scholarships exams. Practice word processing commands, word processing fonts, word processing basics test prep, assessment test for IT certifications.

Practice word processing career test with multiple choice question: indention in computer word processing is used to, with choices change the paragraph color, make the text readable, apply border around text, and change line spacing for online computer science degree. Prepare jobs' assessment test for online learning word processing commands quiz questions with computer basics MCQs for computer technology certifications.

MCQ on Word Processing Test 1Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Indention in computer word processing is used to

  1. make the text readable
  2. change the paragraph color
  3. apply border around text
  4. change line spacing


MCQ: Fonts tend to have less line width variation than serif fonts is

  1. European
  2. American
  3. Serif
  4. Sans serif


MCQ: Set of buttons that invoke commands in a computer word processing document is called

  1. menu
  2. button list
  3. dialog
  4. toolbar


MCQ: Number of personal computers in which word processor is already installed is about

  1. 10%
  2. 50%
  3. 80%
  4. 90%


MCQ: Special part of computer memory to temporarily hold information for later use is called

  1. ROM
  2. clipboard
  3. desktop
  4. CRAMS