Internet Technology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) 1 PDF eBook Download

"Internet Technology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs)", internet technology quiz answers pdf 1, computer basics tests to study online certification courses. Practice Using E-Mail MCQs, "Internet Technology" quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Learn using e-mail, searching web, network and internet protocols, world wide web (www) career test for online bachelor's degree computer science.

Practice internet technology multiple choice questions (MCQ): Query parameters are written usually after symbol, with choices colon, comma, question mark, and ampersand for cheapest online computer science degree. Practice jobs' assessment test, online learning Using E-Mail Quiz Questions for computer majors.

MCQs on Internet Technology Quiz 1 PDF eBook Download

MCQ: Query parameters are written usually after symbol

  1. comma
  2. colon
  3. question mark
  4. ampersand


MCQ: Search engine which is most popular in China is

  1. yahoo
  2. bing
  3. google
  4. baidu


MCQ: Protocol which assigns IP address to client connected in internet is

  1. DHCP
  2. IP
  3. RPC
  4. HTML


MCQ: Symbol which is written immediately after mail to keyword in href attribute of anchor tag is

  1. semicolon
  2. hash
  3. colon
  4. comma


MCQ: Computer jargon, WWWW stands for

  1. world wide web worm
  2. world wide wildlife web
  3. world wide women's web
  4. world wide women's week