Internet Programs MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Internet programs multiple choice questions (MCQs), internet programs test prep for online learning with IT degree certificate eCourses. Learn internet technology multiple choice questions (MCQs), internet programs quiz questions and answers. Career test on world wide web (www), network and internet protocols, searching web, using e-mail test for online basic computer programming courses distance learning.

Learn internet technology practice test MCQs: website which is used to search other website by typing a keyword is, for free online courses with options social network, search engine, router, search page for online computer programming degree. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning internet programs quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major.

MCQ on Internet Programs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Programs that are automatically loaded and operated as a part of browser are known as

  1. utilities
  2. plug-ins
  3. widgets
  4. add-ons


MCQ: Website which is used to search other website by typing a keyword is

  1. social network
  2. search engine
  3. router
  4. search page


MCQ: HTML is derived from

  1. URL
  2. TCP/IP
  3. SGML
  4. XML


MCQ: Whenever crawler crawls website then any page that don't have a link is called as

  1. dead end page
  2. absolute page
  3. home page
  4. door way page


MCQ: Which of following is valid website address?

  2. www.mcqslearn