Data Communication Media MCQs & Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Data communication media multiple choice questions (MCQs), data communication media quiz answers to learn online CS courses for computer basics online classes. Data communication MCQs, data communication media quiz questions and answers for computer technology degree online. Learn communication speed, introduction to data communication, data communication media test prep for IT certifications.

Learn data communication MCQ: unguided communication media is, with choices coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, twisted pair cable, and satellite for computer technology degree online. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning data communication media quiz questions for competitive exams in computer science major .

MCQs on Data Communication Media PDF Book Download

MCQ: Unguided communication media is

  1. coaxial cable
  2. fiber optic cable
  3. twisted pair cable
  4. satellite


MCQ: In computer, communication media includes

  1. standard telephone lines
  2. coaxial cables
  3. microwave transmission
  4. all of these


MCQ: Diameter of fiber optic cable is

  1. 62.5 cm
  2. 62.5 microns
  3. 62.5 m
  4. 62.5 mm


MCQ: Transmission media which transmits voice and data through air as high frequency radio waves is

  1. twisted pair
  2. coaxial cable
  3. satellite
  4. microwaves


MCQ: Transmission media which can be used in LAN is

  1. satellite
  2. microwave
  3. coaxial cable
  4. fiber optics