Computer Printers MCQs Test Online PDF Book Download

Computer printers multiple choice questions (MCQs), computer printers test prep for online learning with IT degree certificate eCourses. Learn basics of information technology multiple choice questions (MCQs), computer printers quiz questions and answers. Career test on sequential access memory (sam), character recognition devices, computer memory, static and dynamic memory devices, cathode ray tube test for online basic computer knowledge courses distance learning.

Learn basics of information technology practice test MCQs: types of computer impact printer are, for free online courses with options dot matrix printers, daisy wheel printers, line printers, all of these for online information systems degree. Free skills assessment test is for e-learning online computer printers quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major.

MCQ on Computer Printers Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Computer chain printer consist of a chain of

  1. lines
  2. words
  3. characters
  4. pages


MCQ: Types of computer impact printer are

  1. dot matrix printers
  2. daisy wheel printers
  3. line printers
  4. all of these


MCQ: Fastest impact printer is

  1. dot matrix printer
  2. line printer
  3. daisy wheel printer
  4. drum printer


MCQ: In computer, LPT stands for

  1. line printer
  2. laser printer
  3. Low Print Typewriter
  4. Line Per Text


MCQ: Computer line printer can prints lines at rate of

  1. 2000 lines per minute
  2. 1000 lines per minute
  3. 500 lines per minute
  4. 3000 lines per minute