Bus Topology MCQs Test Online PDF Book Download

Bus topology multiple choice questions (MCQs), bus topology test prep for online learning with IT degree certificate eCourses. Learn computer networks multiple choice questions (MCQs), bus topology quiz questions and answers. Career test on bus topology, network topologies, ring topology, introduction to computer networks test for online CPU computer courses distance learning.

Learn computer networks practice test MCQs: each end of a bus in computer bus network topology is termed as, for free online courses with options node, switch, sensor, terminator for online bachelor's degree in computer science. Free skills assessment test is for e-learning online bus topology quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major.

MCQ on Bus Topology Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Network topology in which you connect each node to network along a single piece of network cable is called

  1. bus topology
  2. ring topology
  3. star topology
  4. mesh topology


MCQ: Each end of a bus in computer bus network topology is termed as

  1. node
  2. switch
  3. sensor
  4. terminator


MCQ: Special resistor device in computer bus network topology which is attached to an electrical ground is called

  1. terminator
  2. transistor
  3. switch
  4. sensor


MCQ: Computer bus which moves data between central processor and memory is called

  1. I/O bus
  2. CPU bus
  3. processor bus
  4. data bus


MCQ: Type of computer bus which connects CPU to a memory on system board is

  1. system bus
  2. word bus
  3. expansion bus
  4. width bus