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Learn application software MCQs, computer basics online test for distance education, free online computer courses prep. Practice application softwares multiple choice questions (MCQs), application software quiz questions and answers. ETS GRE test prep on word processing elements, presentation basics, application software tutorials for online computer basics courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in data science degree MCQs: type of software which is designed for users to customize programs is, for online courses with choices freeware, open-source software, shareware, macros for online diploma courses, associate degree courses and university courses online learning with smart tutor portal. Free skills assessment test is for online learn application software quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Application Software Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Type of software which is designed for users to customize programs is

  1. freeware
  2. open-source software
  3. shareware
  4. macros


MCQ: A software that solves one task is

  1. suite
  2. stand-alone program
  3. open-source program
  4. freeware program


MCQ: In a spreadsheet program, worksheets and documents are present in

  1. column
  2. cell
  3. formula
  4. workbook


MCQ: Power of spreadsheet lies in its

  1. worksheets
  2. cells
  3. labels
  4. formulas


MCQ: Component which is portable and allows presenter to place slides onto any surface is

  1. large scale CRT monitor
  2. computer screen
  3. PC to TV converter
  4. data projector