What is Virtual Memory MCQs Quiz Online PDF eBook Download

Practice What is Virtual Memory MCQs, what is virtual memory quiz answers pdf to study online computer architecture course. Learn Computer Memory Review Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs), "What is Virtual Memory" quiz questions and answers for CS major. Learn computer systems: virtual memory, caches performance, what is virtual memory, how virtual memory works test prep for best online schools for computer science.

Practice what is virtual memory MCQ: As segment or a page is normally used for block, page-fault and address-fault is used for, with choices hit, miss, cache, and stack for CS major. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning What is Virtual Memory Quiz Questions for competitive exams in computer science major for applied computer science.

MCQs on What is Virtual Memory PDF eBook Download

MCQ: As segment or a page is normally used for block, page-fault and the address-fault is used for

  1. Hit
  2. Miss
  3. Cache
  4. Stack


MCQ: Virtual memory producing the virtual-addresses, are translated by

  1. Logical addresses
  2. Local addresses
  3. Physical addresses
  4. All above


MCQ: Cutting of physical-memory into the form of blocks and allocating them to different processes, the stated technique is known as

  1. Read back
  2. Cache miss
  3. Cache hit
  4. Virtual memory


MCQ: Processor address's size, determines the size of

  1. Page size
  2. Cache
  3. Block
  4. Virtual memory


MCQ: Data structure, maintaining the addresses of physical-pages, typically takes the form of a

  1. Page size
  2. Page table
  3. Queue
  4. Stack