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Pipelining implementation multiple choice questions (MCQs), pipelining implementation quiz answers to learn online courses for computer architecture classes. Pipelining in computer architecture MCQs, pipelining implementation quiz questions and answers for online bachelor's degree information technology. Learn introduction to pipelining, pipelining crosscutting issues, implementation issues of pipelining, major hurdle of pipelining, pipelining: basic and intermediate concepts, pipelining implementation test prep for cisco certifications.

Learn pipelining in computer architecture MCQ: with separate adder and a branch decision made during id, there is only a, with choices 1-clock-cycle stall on branches, 2-clock-cycles stall on branches, 3-clock-cycles stall on branches, and 4-clock-cycles stall on branches for online bachelor's degree information technology. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning pipelining implementation quiz questions for competitive exams in computer science major .

MCQs on Pipelining Implementation PDF Book Download

MCQ: With separate adder and a branch decision made during ID, there is only a

  1. 1-clock-cycle stall on branches
  2. 2-clock-cycles stall on branches
  3. 3-clock-cycles stall on branches
  4. 4-clock-cycles stall on branches


MCQ: Process of letting an instruction move from instruction decode stage into execution stage of this pipeline is usually called

  1. Canceling
  2. Instruction issue
  3. Nullifying
  4. Branch prediction


MCQ: Every MIPS instruction can be implemented in at most

  1. 2 clock cycles
  2. 3 clock cycles
  3. 4 clock cycles
  4. 5 clock cycles


MCQ: A processor with separate decode and register fetch stages will probably have a

  1. Canceling
  2. Nullifying
  3. Branch delay
  4. Branch table


MCQ: MIPS pipeline with appropriate registers, called pipeline registers or also known as

  1. Pipeline latches
  2. Pipe stages
  3. Pipeline hits
  4. Pipeline buffers