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Pipelined datapath MCQs, pipelined datapath quiz answers for online learning IT courses. Learn pipelining performance multiple choice questions (MCQs), pipelined datapath quiz questions and answers. Career test on what is pipelining, computer organization, pipelined datapath test prep for entry level IT certifications.

Learn pipelining performance practice test MCQs: instruction being read from memory using address placed in pc and then is placed in if/id pipeline register in,, for computer science degree programs with options instruction fetch stage, instruction decode stage, execution, memory access for technology jobs. Free skills assessment test for online learning pipelined datapath quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for tech certifications.

MCQ on Pipelined DatapathQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Instruction being read from memory using address placed in PC and then is placed in IF/ID pipeline register in,

  1. Instruction Fetch stage
  2. Instruction Decode stage
  3. Execution
  4. Memory Access


MCQ: Branch, MemWrite and MemRead are control lines set of

  1. Instruction Fetch
  2. Instruction decode
  3. Memory Access
  4. Execution


MCQ: In instruction execution of pipelined processor WB stage is the

  1. First stage
  2. Third stage
  3. Forth stage
  4. Fifth stage