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Mips fields multiple choice questions (MCQs), mips fields quiz answers to learn CS courses for online computer science degree. Computer language and instructions MCQs with answers, mips fields quiz questions and answers for online undergraduate computer science degree. Learn mips fields test prep for cisco certifications.

Learn computer language and instructions test MCQs: in mips instruction fields, shamt field is of, with choices 4bits, 5bits, 6bits, and 7bits for online undergraduate computer science degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning mips fields quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for IT certifications.

MCQ on MIPS FieldsQuiz Book Download

MCQ: In MIPS instruction fields, shamt field is of

  1. 4bits
  2. 5bits
  3. 6bits
  4. 7bits


MCQ: 16bits address can load word within range of

  1. ? 2^15
  2. ? 3^15
  3. ? 2^16
  4. ? 3^16


MCQ: Given instructions lw $t0,1200($t1); add $t0,$s2,$t0; sw $t0,1200($t1), are compiled instruction of expression

  1. A[300] = h + A[100]
  2. A[300] = h + A[200]
  3. A[300] = h + A[300]
  4. A[200] = h + A[300]


MCQ: MIPS instructions are consisted of

  1. Two fields
  2. Three fields
  3. Four fields
  4. Six fields