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Thread Level Parallelism Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF eBook Download

Learn thread level parallelism Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), thread level parallelism quiz answers pdf 1, computer architecture tests to study online certificate courses. Practice distributed shared memory and coherence MCQs, "thread level parallelism" quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Learn distributed shared memory and coherence, synchronization basics, models of memory consistency, shared memory architectures career test for cheapest online computer science degree.

"If no node having a copy of a cache block, this technique is known as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on thread level parallelism with choices cached, uniform memory access, un-cached, and commit for computer and information science. Practice jobs' assessment test, online learning distributed shared memory and coherence quiz questions for top online computer science programs.

MCQs on Thread Level Parallelism Quiz 1 PDF eBook Download

MCQ: If no node having a copy of a cache block, this technique is known as

  1. Uniform memory access
  2. Cached
  3. Un-cached
  4. Commit


MCQ: A processor that continuously tries to acquire the locks, spinning around a loop till it reaches its success, is known as

  1. Spin locks
  2. Store locks
  3. Link locks
  4. Store operational


MCQ: The straight-forward model used for the memory consistency, is called

  1. Sequential consistency
  2. Random consistency
  3. Remote node
  4. Host node


MCQ: One assigned operation for building synchronized operations, is called the

  1. Atom exchange
  2. Atomic exchange
  3. Remote node
  4. Both a and b


MCQ: To update the cached copies of the data item; is the alternative protocol which is known as

  1. Write update
  2. Write broadcast protocol
  3. Read protocol
  4. both a and b