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Assessing Computer Performance Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Online Download

Practice assessing computer performance Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), assessing computer performance quiz answers, computer architecture test prep 1 to learn computer architecture online for cloud server computing degree courses. Introduction to computer performance MCQs, assessing computer performance quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Practice introduction to computer performance, two spec benchmark test career test for online computer engineering programs.

Learn assessing computer performance quiz with multiple choice questions: performancex = 1/ execution time x given relation shows that, with choices performance is increased when execution time is increased, performance is increased when execution time is decreased, performance is decreased when execution time is decreased, and none for master's degree in computer science. Practice jobs' assessment test, online learning introduction to computer performance quiz questions for computer information science.

MCQs on Assessing Computer Performance Quiz 1 PDF Online Download

MCQ: PerformanceX = 1/ Execution Time x given relation shows that

  1. Performance is increased when execution time is decreased
  2. Performance is increased when execution time is increased
  3. Performance is decreased when execution time is decreased
  4. None


MCQ: Processor having Clock cycle of 0.25ns will have clock rate of

  1. 2GHz
  2. 3GHz
  3. 4GHz
  4. 8GHz


MCQ: Valid and unimpeachable measurement of performance of any computer is

  1. Clock rate
  2. Instruction set
  3. Execution time
  4. Delay time


MCQ: Native MIPS has MIPS measurement of

  1. MIPS = Instruction count/(Execution time)10^6
  2. MIPS = Instruction count/(Execution time)10^3
  3. MIPS = Instruction count/Execution time
  4. MIPS = (Execution time)10^6


MCQ: If computer A execute a program in 10 seconds and computer B runs same in 15 seconds, how much faster is computer A than computer B

  1. 1.4 times
  2. 1.5 times
  3. 1 time
  4. 5.1 times