Logical Instructions MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

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Computer organization and architecture practice test MCQ: if ($s2 < $s3) $s1 = 1; else $s1 = 0 in assembly language can be written as with options sll $s1,$s2,$s3, slt $s1,$s2,$s5, sll $s1,$s2,$s4 and slt $s1,$s2,$s3 with online interview questions and answers for pre-employment testing of job seekers. Free study guide is for online learning logical instructions quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Logical Instructions Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: If ($s2 < $s3) $s1 = 1; else $s1 = 0 in assembly language can be written as

  1. sll $s1,$s2,$s3
  2. slt $s1,$s2,$s5
  3. sll $s1,$s2,$s4
  4. slt $s1,$s2,$s3


MCQ: Logical Instructions

  1. bne $s3,$s4,Else; add $s0,$s1,$s2; j Exit; Else:sub $s0,$s1,$s2;
  2. bne $s3,$s4,Else; add $s0,$s1,$s2; Else:sub $s0,$s1,$s2; Exit:
  3. bne $s3,$s4,Else; add $s0,$s1,$s2; j Exit; Else:sub $s0,$s1,$s2; Exit:
  4. beq $s3,$s4,Else; add $s0,$s1,$s2; j Exit; Else:sub $s0,$s1,$s2; Exit:


MCQ: For checking, that register $s2 is less than 15, we can write as

  1. slt $t0,$s2,15
  2. slti $t0,$s2,15
  3. slti $t0,$s1,15
  4. slti $t0,$s15,15


MCQ: Expression srl $$s1,$s2,10 represents the

  1. $s1 = $s2 >> 10
  2. $s1 = $s2 << 10
  3. $s1 = $s2 >> 20
  4. $s1 = $s2 << 20