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Learn learn virtual memory MCQs, computer architecture online test for distance education, free online IT courses prep. Practice exploiting memory multiple choice questions (MCQs), learn virtual memory quiz questions and answers. Mock test on pentium p4 and amd opteron memory, learn virtual memory tutorials for online software engineering degree courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in data science degree MCQs: having 32-bit virtual-address, 4 kb pages and 4 bytes/page of table entry, total no of page-table size would be, for online IT courses with choices 1mb, 2mb, 3mb, 4mb for online study, career test and distance learning online preparation for national and international exams. Free skills assessment test is for online learn learn virtual memory quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Learn Virtual MemoryQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Having 32-bit virtual-address, 4 KB pages and 4 bytes/page of table entry, total no of page-table size would be

  1. 1MB
  2. 2MB
  3. 3MB
  4. 4MB


MCQ: Program of copying address of PTE into temp $k1 would be executed with instruction

  1. mfc0 $k1,Constant
  2. mfc1 $k1,Context
  3. mfc0 $k1,Context
  4. mfc0 $k2,Context


MCQ: A situation in which same object is being accessed by two addresses, is referred to as

  1. Aliasing
  2. Hit miss
  3. Valid data
  4. Page miss


MCQ: Kernel mode in which operating system's programs run is also known as

  1. System call
  2. Supervisor mode
  3. System mode
  4. User mode