Introduction of Memory MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn introduction of memory MCQs, computer architecture online test for distance education, free online IT courses prep. Practice exploiting memory multiple choice questions (MCQs), introduction of memory quiz questions and answers. Mock test on learn virtual memory, pentium p4 and amd opteron memory, introduction of memory tutorials for online software engineering degree courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in data science degree MCQs: spatial locality, is also known as, for online IT courses with choices temporal locality, locality in space, locality in time, and spectral locality for online entry tests prep for bachelor, masters in computer engineering and diploma in engineering. Free skills assessment test is for online learn introduction of memory quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Introduction of MemoryQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Spatial locality, is also known as

  1. Temporal locality
  2. Locality in space
  3. Locality in time
  4. Spectral Locality


MCQ: Principle of locality that was used; implementing memory of computer as

  1. Locality in time
  2. Locality in space
  3. Memory hierarchy
  4. Temporal locality


MCQ: Hit-rate of processor is memory fraction, found in

  1. DRAM
  2. SRAM
  3. Magnetic disk
  4. Cache


MCQ: Subtraction of hit rate (1-hit rate) is known as

  1. Hit time
  2. Miss rate
  3. Miss penalty
  4. Cache


MCQ: If an item is referenced once, then it again be referenced soon; given statement is stated by

  1. Temporal locality
  2. Spatial locality
  3. Temporary locality
  4. Spectral Locality