How Virtual Memory Works MCQs Test Online PDF Download

How virtual memory works multiple choice questions, learn online COA test prep for IT degree online courses. Learn computer memory review multiple choice questions (MCQs), how virtual memory works quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on what is virtual memory, caches performance, memory hierarchy review aptitude test for online network analyzer courses distance learning.

Practice computer memory review aptitude test MCQs: address translation cache is referred to as a, for free online computer science courses with options rephrasing, cache buffer, translation buffer, relocation for online bachelor degree in computer science. Free skills assessment test is for online learning how virtual memory works quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQ on How Virtual Memory WorksQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Most obvious architectural parameter is the

  1. Physical pages
  2. Page sizes
  3. Page fault
  4. Block size


MCQ: Address translation cache is referred to as a

  1. Rephrasing
  2. Cache buffer
  3. Translation buffer
  4. Relocation


MCQ: Matching tag sends corresponding physical address through effectively a

  1. 40:1 multiplexor
  2. 20:1 multiplexor
  3. 20:2 multiplexor
  4. 30:1 multiplexor


MCQ: A small page size will result in less wasted storage when a contiguous region of virtualmemory is not equal in size to a multiple of page size, this unused memory is known as

  1. Segmentation
  2. External fragmentation
  3. Internal fragmentation
  4. All above


MCQ: To help operating system estimate LRU, many processors provide a

  1. Use bit
  2. Reference bit
  3. Fault bit
  4. Both a and b