GPU Architecture Issues MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

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Computer organization and architecture practice test MCQ: physical characteristics of die named as gtx 48 are impressively large size of die is with choices 420 mm2, 520 mm2, 620 mm2 and 720 mm2 with online basic interview questions and answer keys for highest paying jobs in science. Free study guide is for online learning gpu architecture issues quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on GPU Architecture Issues Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Physical characteristics of die named as GTX 48 are impressively large: size of die is

  1. 420 mm2
  2. 520 mm2
  3. 620 mm2
  4. 720 mm2


MCQ: Memory bandwidth of GPU is,

  1. 4.4? the memory bandwidth
  2. 2.4? the memory bandwidth
  3. 3.4? the memory bandwidth
  4. 5.4? the memory bandwidth


MCQ: Cache benefits including Ray casting (RC) is only

  1. 0.6 times faster
  2. 0.66 times faster
  3. 1.4 times faster
  4. 1.6 times faster


MCQ: When every cache hierarchy level is a subset of level which is further away from processor, is refered to as

  1. Multilevel inclusion
  2. Synchronization
  3. Atomic synchronization
  4. Distributors