Computer Hardware Operands MCQs Quiz Online PDF eBook Download

Computer Hardware Operands MCQs, computer hardware operands quiz answers pdf to study computer architecture online course. Learn computer language and instructions multiple choice questions & answers (MCQs), "Computer Hardware Operands" quiz questions and answers for associates in computer science. Learn 32 bits mips addressing, computer hardware procedures, arrays and pointers, computer hardware operands test prep for computer information science.

Learn Computer Language and Instructions MCQ: Add $t0,$s1,$s2; add $t1,$s3,$s4; sub $s0,$t0,$t1 , given lines of code gives an expression of, with choices f = (g + h) ? (i + j);, f = (g - h) ? (i + j);, f = (g + h) + (i + j);, and f = (g + h) ? (i - j); for associates in computer science. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning computer hardware operands quiz questions for competitive exams in computer science major for free online classes.

MCQs on Computer Hardware Operands PDF eBook Download

MCQ: Add $t0,$s1,$s2; add $t1,$s3,$s4; sub $s0,$t0,$t1 , the given lines of code gives an expression of

  1. f = (g + h) ? (i + j);
  2. f = (g - h) ? (i + j);
  3. f = (g + h) + (i + j);
  4. f = (g + h) ? (i - j);


MCQ: Compilation of the given code in C instruction g = h + A[8]; will be

  1. mul $t0,8($s3); add $s1,$s2,$t0
  2. lw $t0,8($s3); sub $s1,$s2,$t0
  3. add $t0,8($s3); add $s1,$s2,$t0
  4. lw $t0,8($s3); add $s1,$s2,$t0


MCQ: Data transfer instructions, that are used to transfer computer data from memory to

  1. Memory
  2. RAM
  3. Register
  4. Cache


MCQ: Doubling the amount of transistors in every 18 month, is known as

  1. Einstein equation
  2. Moore's law
  3. Nyquist theorem
  4. None