Enumeration Types Quiz Questions and Answers 92 PDF Download

Learn enumeration types quiz, online c++ test 92 for distance learning, online courses. Free c++ MCQs questions and answers to learn enumeration types MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on enumeration types with answers, character and string literals, while repetition structure, passing by value and reference, inline functions, enumeration types test for online C++ development courses distance learning.

Free enumeration types online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: which is correct syntax for defining an enumeration data type with choices enum typename {enumeratorlist};, {enumeratorlist} = emum, emum= typename and none of them with distance learning test prep for computer science jobs. Computer engineering jobs and IT jobs, study conditional statements and integer types multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Enumeration Types Worksheet 92 Quiz PDF Download

Enumeration Types Quiz

MCQ. Which is correct syntax for defining an enumeration data type?

  1. enum typename {enumeratorlist};
  2. {enumeratorlist} = emum
  3. emum= typename
  4. None of them


Inline Functions Quiz

MCQ. Which function is provided by C++, for reducing function-call overhead?

  1. endline function
  2. control function
  3. inline function
  4. online function


Passing by Value and Reference Quiz

MCQ. Actual parameters must be variables, is a condition of

  1. When parameters are passed by value
  2. When parameters are passed outside the function
  3. When parameters are passed by reference
  4. When parameters are passed outside the class


while Repetition Structure Quiz

MCQ. An uninitialized variable contains

  1. A garbage value
  2. 0 value
  3. Only two values
  4. All of them


Character and String Literals Quiz

MCQ. Empty string is denoted by

  1. "0"
  2. " "
  3. 0;
  4. 0