C++ and Overloading Quiz Questions and Answers 86 PDF Download

C++ and overloading quiz questions and answers, c++ and overloading online learning, c++ test prep 86 for distance education eCourses. Undergraduate degree and master's degree eCourses MCQs on functions in c++ quiz, c++ and overloading multiple choice questions to practice c++ quiz with answers. Learn c++ and overloading MCQs, career aptitude test on break statement, istream ostream classes, c++ programs, objects in c++, c++ and overloading practice test for online learn C++ programming courses distance learning.

Practice c++ and overloading career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): a directive that is used to include other files, such as function declaration is called, for e-learning degree certificate with options import directive, include directive, stdio directive for online management information systems degree. Learn functions in c++ questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on C++ and Overloading Worksheet 86Quiz PDF Download

C++ and Overloading Quiz

MCQ: A directive that is used to include other files, such as function declaration is called

  1. Import directive
  2. Include directive
  3. Stdio directive
  4. None of them


Objects in C++ Quiz

MCQ: Arrays in object oriented language can be referred to as data storage

  1. constructs
  2. entities
  3. collection
  4. types


C++ Programs Quiz

MCQ: What does #include means in C++ programs?

  1. It?s a directive
  2. It is used for Copy and Import
  3. It causes the contents of a second file to be inserted into the original file
  4. All of them


istream ostream Classes Quiz

MCQ: A class that defines cout, cerr, and clog objects and stream insertion operator, is called

  1. istream
  2. ostream
  3. fstream
  4. kstream


break Statement Quiz

MCQ: Which from following is a jumping statement?

  1. Break statement
  2. Continue statement
  3. Switch statement
  4. All of them