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Container classes quiz, container classes MCQs with answers, c++ quiz 121 for online programming courses. College and university degree MCQs, templates and iterators quiz questions and answers, container classes multiple choice questions to practice c++ test with answers. Learn container classes MCQs, career aptitude test on control structures, objects in c++, increment and decrement operators, container classes test prep for best information technology certifications.

Practice container classes career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): an iterator is an object that has ability to traverse, to learn computer programming degree with options through a container object, through a function, through an array for information technology careers. Learn templates and iterators questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for professional online certifications.

Quiz on Container Classes Worksheet 121Quiz Book Download

Container Classes Quiz

MCQ: An iterator is an object that has ability to traverse

  1. Through a container object
  2. Through a function
  3. Through an array
  4. All of them


Increment and Decrement Operators Quiz

MCQ: If an increment or decrement operator is placed after a variable, it is called as

  1. Post-increment
  2. Post-decrement
  3. Pre-increment and Pre-decrement
  4. Both A and B


Objects in C++ Quiz

MCQ: Stack in object oriented language can be referred to as data storage

  1. constructs
  2. entities
  3. collection
  4. types


Control Structures Quiz

MCQ: Break statement in repetition structure causes a program to

  1. Immediately exit
  2. Terminate
  3. Again start the loop from 1
  4. All of them


Passing by Constant Reference Quiz

MCQ: A function that tells compiler to replace each call with explicit code, is called

  1. Square function
  2. Inline function
  3. Outside function
  4. None of them