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Pointers and References Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Download

Learn pointers and references multiple choice questions, c++ online test 1 for e-learning, free online programming courses test. Practice operator overloading multiple choice questions (MCQs), pointers and references quiz questions and answers. Learn operator overloading, overloading arithmetic assignment operators, pointers and references, dynamic arrays ETS GRE test prep for online C++ courses distance learning.

Study pointers and references quiz with multiple choice question (MCQs): how many operators are supported by c++, for bachelor degree and masters in data science degree courses with choices 40 operators, 30 operators, 45 operators, 65 operators for online e-learning for job hiring, graduate jobs and research jobs preparation for job seekers. Practice skills assessment test to learn online operator overloading quiz questions with c++ MCQs for IT certifications competitive exam prep.

MCQ on Pointers and References Test 1Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: How many operators are supported by C++?

  1. 30 operators
  2. 40 operators
  3. 45 operators
  4. 65 operators


MCQ: Symbol [ ] denotes the

  1. Logical operator
  2. Subscript operator
  3. Relational operator
  4. None of them


MCQ: Address operator has a precedence level equal to

  1. NOT operator
  2. Pre-increment operator
  3. Logical operator
  4. Both A and B


MCQ: A pointer to object that owns call of member function in which expression appears, is called

  1. * this operator
  2. * the operator
  3. Subscript operator
  4. None of them


MCQ: Which from following is not a mutable lvalue?

  1. double x= 1.54;
  2. a [6]
  3. double & r = x;
  4. double a [7] = {0.0};