Increment and Decrement Operators MCQs & Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Increment and decrement operators MCQs, increment and decrement operators quiz answers to learn programming courses online. Control structures in c++ multiple choice questions (MCQs), increment and decrement operators quiz questions and answers for online masters degree. While repetition structure, control structures, use case diagram, increment and decrement operators test prep for computer coding certifications.

Learn control structures in c++ test MCQs: ++a is an example of, with choices post-increment, pre-increment, post-decrement, and pre-decrement for online masters degree. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning increment and decrement operators quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for IT certifications.

MCQ on Increment and Decrement Operators Quiz Book Download

MCQ: ++a is an example of

  1. Post-increment
  2. Pre-increment
  3. Post-decrement
  4. Pre-decrement


MCQ: Unary decrement operator is denoted by

  1. − −
  2. +
  3. + +


MCQ: If an increment or decrement operator is placed after a variable, it is called as

  1. Post-increment
  2. Post-decrement
  3. Pre-increment and Pre-decrement
  4. Both A and B