Use of Variances MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Use of variances multiple choice questions, learn online MBA accounting test prep for MBA programs online courses. Learn direct cost variances and management control multiple choice questions (MCQs), use of variances quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on use of variances, price and efficiency variance aptitude test for online advanced cost accounting courses distance learning.

Practice direct cost variances and management control aptitude test MCQs: variance is stated difference between expected performance and the, for free online business management courses with options revenue planning, actual results, marketing results, cost planning for business administration degree online. Free skills assessment test is for online learning use of variances quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers with ePortal education technology for e-learning distance education. Use of Variances Video

MCQ on Use of VariancesQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Consideration of decreased operating income relative to budgeted amount, in static budget is classified as

  1. revenue variance
  2. cost variance
  3. favorable variance
  4. unfavorable variance


MCQ: Variance is stated difference between expected performance and the

  1. revenue planning
  2. actual results
  3. marketing results
  4. cost planning


MCQ: Budget which is planned around a single output level is called

  1. marketing budget
  2. methodological budget
  3. static budget
  4. varied budget


MCQ: Static budget amount is subtracted from actual result to calculate

  1. static budget receipts
  2. static budget deviation
  3. static budget variance
  4. multiple budget variance


MCQ: If an actual result is $50000 and static budget variance is $25000, then static budget amount will be

  1. $75,000
  2. $25,000
  3. $35,000
  4. $45,000