Throughput Costing MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn throughput costing MCQs, online MBA cost accounting test for e-learning MBA degree, online courses prep. Practice capacity analysis and inventory costing multiple choice questions (MCQs), throughput costing quiz questions and answers. Career test on inventory costing: manufacturing companies, inventory costing methods, throughput costing tutorials for online accounting software courses distance learning.

Study bachelor of business administration and MBA degree courses, online accounting degree programs MCQs: if direct material cost of goods sold is $7500, and through contribution is $15650, then revenues will be with options $8,150 , $23,150 , $33,150 and $13,150 for online interview questions and answers for teaching assistant jobs, teacher jobs and tutoring jobs. Free skills assessment test is for online learn throughput costing quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers to prepare entrance exam for admission in MBA degree program. Throughput Costing Video

MCQs on Throughput CostingQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: If direct material cost of goods sold is $7500, and through contribution is $15650, then revenues will be

  1. $8,150
  2. $23,150
  3. $33,150
  4. $13,150


MCQ: If revenues are $25000 and through put contribution is $12000, then direct material cost of goods sold will be

  1. $57,000
  2. $37,000
  3. $47,000
  4. $13,000


MCQ: Throughout period costs, costing methods are treated as

  1. manufacturing in period
  2. expenses of period
  3. incurred in period
  4. accrual in period


MCQ: Direct material cost of sold goods is subtracted from revenues to calculate

  1. accrual contribution
  2. indirect contribution
  3. throughput contribution
  4. direct contribution


MCQ: Another name of super-variable costing is

  1. throughput costing
  2. unit costing
  3. batch costing
  4. manufacturing costing