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Multiple choice questions on strategic decisions, learn online MBA accounting test prep for MBA programs online courses. Learn management accounting in organization multiple choice questions (MCQs), strategic decisions quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on management accounting guidelines, management accounting, strategic decisions aptitude test for online accounting degree courses distance learning.

Practice management accounting in organization aptitude test MCQs: examining of past performance, exploring alternative and planning future is, for free online business management courses with options learning, alternating, examining, deciding for business management degree online. Free skills assessment test is for online learning strategic decisions quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers for online GMAT test for GMAT exam preparation. Strategic Decisions Video

MCQ on Strategic DecisionsQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: In value chain analysis, coordination, acquiring and assembling of resources to produce a product is classified as

  1. resourcing
  2. value acquiring
  3. production
  4. value acquaintance


MCQ: Examining of past performance, exploring alternative and planning future is

  1. learning
  2. alternating
  3. examining
  4. deciding


MCQ: Time that a company takes to create and produce a new product is classified as

  1. management factor
  2. time factor
  3. customer factor
  4. chain factor


MCQ: Flow of goods and services, from start of gathering materials until delivery of products, is known as

  1. flow chart analysis
  2. supply chain analysis
  3. resource chain analysis
  4. acquiring analysis


MCQ: Step by step business functions, in which product or services must have customer usefulness, is classified as

  1. value chain
  2. useful chain
  3. product chain
  4. services chain