Residual Income MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn residual income MCQs, cost accounting test for learning online courses and test prep to practice. Performance measurement, compensation and multinational considerations quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), residual income quiz questions and answers, financial and nonfinancial performance measures, performance measure: strategy and levels, residual income tutorials for online fundamentals of accounting courses distance learning.

Cost accounting practice test MCQ: an investment is multiplied to required rate of return, to calculate with choices congruent cost of investment, transfer cost of investment, operating cost of investment and imputed cost of investment for summative assessment, formative assessment of business jobs' seekers and students with online jobs and courses' tests. Free study guide is for online learning residual income quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers. Residual Income Video

MCQs on Residual Income Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. An investment is multiplied to required rate of return, to calculate

  1. congruent cost of investment
  2. transfer cost of investment
  3. operating cost of investment
  4. imputed cost of investment


MCQ. If required rate of return is 13%, operating income is $375000 and total investment is $2650000, then residual income would be

  1. $30,500
  2. $20,500
  3. $25,500
  4. $32,500


MCQ. Costs that are not incorporated in accounting records, but are recognized in different situations are classified as

  1. congruent costs
  2. imputed costs
  3. operating costs
  4. transfer costs


MCQ. Rupee amount for required return of investment is subtracted from income to calculate

  1. net income
  2. after tax income
  3. residual income
  4. operating income