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Price & Efficiency Variance Quiz Questions and Answers 76 PDF Download

Learn price & efficiency variance quiz questions, online MBA cost accounting test 76 for distance learning MBA programs, online accounting courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on direct cost variances & management control quiz, price & efficiency variance multiple choice questions and answers to learn accounting quiz with answers. Practice price and efficiency variance MCQs, GMAT test assessment on inventory costing methods, transfer pricing, static budget variance, specification analysis : estimation assumptions, price and efficiency variance practice test for online business schools courses distance learning.

Study price & efficiency variance online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs): an actual rate paid to labor is greater than budgeted rate, it means that the, for BBA degree and executive MBA degree in accounting questions with choices cost is unfavorable, variance is unfavorable, variance is favorable, cost is favorable for online mock tests, competitive exams questions and answers after reading theory and textbooks. Learn direct cost variances & management control quizzes with problem-solving skills assessment test to prepare entrance exam for EMBA program admission. Price & Efficiency Variance Video

Quiz on Price & Efficiency Variance Worksheet 76Quiz PDF Download

Price & Efficiency Variance Quiz

MCQ: An actual rate paid to labor is greater than budgeted rate, it means that the

  1. cost is unfavorable
  2. variance is unfavorable
  3. variance is favorable
  4. cost is favorable


Specification Analysis : Estimation Assumptions Quiz

MCQ: An error term, disturbance term or residual term is calculated as

  1. U=A-b
  2. u=A-a
  3. u=Y-y
  4. u=X-x


Static Budget Variance Quiz

MCQ: If sales volume variance is $8500 and static budget amount is $2000, then flexible budget amount would be

  1. $6,500
  2. $6,600
  3. $6,700
  4. $6,800


Transfer Pricing Quiz

MCQ: If opportunity cost per barrel is $45 per unit, incremental cost per barrel is $65, then minimum transfer price will be

  1. $45
  2. $110
  3. $20
  4. $65


Inventory Costing Methods Quiz

MCQ: If fixed manufacturing cost expenses are under variable costing and are not expensed in absorption costing, it is resulting in

  1. production exceeds breakeven sales
  2. breakeven sales exceeds production
  3. price exceeds cost
  4. cost exceeds price