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Throughput Costing Quiz Questions and Answers 56 PDF Download

Learn throughput costing quizzes, MBA cost accounting online test 56 for distance learning degrees, online MBA courses. College and university courses' MCQs on capacity analysis & inventory costing quiz, throughput costing multiple choice questions and answers to learn accounting quiz with answers. Practice throughput costing MCQs career test assessment on strategic analysis: operating income, cost estimation methods, target costing and target pricing, regression analysis, throughput costing practice test for online accountancy school courses distance learning.

Study BBA degree and executive MBA degree in accounting questions, throughput costing course online has multiple choice question (MCQs): direct material cost of sold goods is subtracted from revenues to calculate with options accrual contribution, indirect contribution, throughput contribution and direct contribution for online global learning to qualify for scholarships for international students with knowledge tests. Learn capacity analysis & inventory costing quiz questions with problem solving skills assessment test for bachelors in business administration degree courses preparation. Throughput Costing Video

Quiz on Throughput Costing Worksheet 56Quiz PDF Download

Throughput Costing Quiz

MCQ: Direct material cost of sold goods is subtracted from revenues to calculate

  1. accrual contribution
  2. indirect contribution
  3. throughput contribution
  4. direct contribution


Regression Analysis Quiz

MCQ: All conditions or assumptions of regression analysis in simple regression can give

  1. dependent estimation
  2. independent estimation
  3. reliable estimates
  4. unreliable estimates


Target Costing & Target Pricing Quiz

MCQ: An estimated price, which is expected to be paid by customers for particular market offering is classified as

  1. target price
  2. target cost
  3. outsource price
  4. off shore price


Cost Estimation Methods Quiz

MCQ: Industrial engineering method is used to analyze relationship between

  1. marketing and financing
  2. price and costs
  3. input and output
  4. units and batches


Strategic Analysis: Operating Income Quiz

MCQ: In operating income strategic analysis, a component which measures change in operating income attributed to change in output quantity is classified as

  1. internal process component
  2. growth component
  3. price recovery component
  4. productivity component