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Budgets & Budgeting Cycle Quiz Questions and Answers 4 PDF Download

Learn budgets & budgeting cycle quiz online, cost accounting test 4 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free master budget & responsibility accounting quiz, budgets & budgeting cycle quiz questions and answers to learn accounting quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on budgets and budgeting cycle MCQs with answers, curves and nonlinear cost function, cost estimation functions, estimating cost functions, breakeven point and target income, budgets and budgeting cycle practice test for online bachelor degree courses distance learning.

Free online budgets & budgeting cycle course worksheet has multiple choice question: part of master budget, which covers capital expenditures, budgeted statement of cash flows and balance sheets are classified as with options financial budget, capital budget, cash flows budget and balanced budget with online tutorial questions and answers for online university's class tests with exam papers important questions, study master budget & responsibility accounting multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers for MBA GMAT practice test for MBA entrance exam preparation. Budgets & Budgeting Cycle Video

Quiz on Budgets & Budgeting Cycle Worksheet 4 Quiz PDF Download

Budgets & Budgeting Cycle Quiz

MCQ: Part of master budget, which covers capital expenditures, budgeted statement of cash flows and balance sheets are classified as

  1. financial budget
  2. capital budget
  3. cash flows budget
  4. balanced budget


Breakeven Point & Target Income Quiz

MCQ: When fixed cost is divided into contribution margin per unit, it gives

  1. fixed output
  2. variable output
  3. breakeven number of units
  4. total number of units


Estimating Cost Functions Quiz

MCQ: Range in which relationship exists between level of activity or total cost is called

  1. functional range
  2. relevant range
  3. unit range
  4. related range


Cost Estimation Functions Quiz

MCQ: Relationship based on unrelated level of activity and past data of cost is measured with help of

  1. cost estimation
  2. price estimation
  3. unit estimation
  4. production estimation


Curves & Nonlinear Cost Function Quiz

MCQ: Model which states decline in extra time needed to produce last unit, every time for cumulative quantity of doubled units produced is classified as

  1. incremental unit average model
  2. incremental cost learning model
  3. incremental unit time learning model
  4. incremental price learning model