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Decision Making Process Quiz Questions and Answers 27 PDF Download

Learn decision making process quiz, online cost accounting test 27 for distance learning, online courses. Free accounting MCQs questions and answers to learn decision making process MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on decision making process with answers, analysing problems and improve quality, price and efficiency variance, data collection and adjustment issues, strategic decisions, decision making process test for online chartered accountant courses distance learning.

Free decision making process online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: third step in decision making process is with choices linear predictions, dependent predictions, making predictions and independent predictions with online global exams' preparation for online competitions like GMAT prep for good GMAT scores, study decision making process & information multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Decision Making Process Video

Quiz on Decision Making Process Worksheet 27 Quiz PDF Download

Decision Making Process Quiz

MCQ. third step in decision making process is

  1. linear predictions
  2. dependent predictions
  3. making predictions
  4. independent predictions


Strategic Decisions Quiz

MCQ. Step by step business functions, in which product or services must have customer usefulness, is classified as

  1. value chain
  2. useful chain
  3. product chain
  4. services chain


Data Collection & Adjustment Issues Quiz

MCQ. In cause and effect relationship between cost level and cost driver, inflationary price effects are removed by dividing cost through

  1. price index
  2. cost index
  3. profit index
  4. cost driver index


Price & Efficiency Variance Quiz

MCQ. Quantity of input which is carefully determined is called

  1. output unit
  2. input unit
  3. standard input
  4. standard output


Analysing Problems & Improve Quality Quiz

MCQ. Fishbone diagram is an example of

  1. relevant costing diagram
  2. cause and effect diagram
  3. control chart
  4. Pareto diagram