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Flexible Budget: Cost Accounting Quiz Questions and Answers 24 PDF Download

Learn flexible budget cost accounting quiz online, cost accounting test 24 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free flexible budget & management control quiz, flexible budget: cost accounting quiz questions and answers to learn accounting quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on flexible budget: cost accounting MCQs with answers, make versus buy decisions, inventory costing methods, management accounting guidelines, break even point, flexible budget: cost accounting practice test for online university degree courses distance learning.

Free online flexible budget: cost accounting course worksheet has multiple choice question: if actual selling price is $500, actual result is $250 and actual units sold are 350, then selling price variance will be with options $87,500 , $97,500 , $67,500 and $57,500 with online questions to ask in an interview for employment assessment of business management jobs' seekers, study flexible budget & management control multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers for BBA subjects preparation for business school students. Flexible Budget: Cost Accounting Video

Quiz on Flexible Budget: Cost Accounting Worksheet 24 Quiz PDF Download

Flexible Budget: Cost Accounting Quiz

MCQ: If actual selling price is $500, actual result is $250 and actual units sold are 350, then selling price variance will be

  1. $87,500
  2. $97,500
  3. $67,500
  4. $57,500


Break Even Point Quiz

MCQ: Fixed cost is divided by break-even revenues to calculate

  1. cost margin
  2. fixed margin
  3. revenue margin
  4. contribution margin


Management Accounting Guidelines Quiz

MCQ: An accounting approach, in which expected benefits exceed expected cost is classified as

  1. benefit approach
  2. cost approach
  3. cost-benefit approach
  4. accounting approach


Inventory Costing Methods Quiz

MCQ: An approach in which restating amounts, in general ledgers by using actual cost rates, is classified as

  1. unadjusted cost approach
  2. adjusted allocation rate approach
  3. unadjusted allocation approach
  4. adjusted cost approach


Make versus Buy Decisions Quiz

MCQ: Factor, which is largely considered in making or buying decisions is

  1. quality of suppliers
  2. dependability of suppliers
  3. production irrelevancy
  4. both a and b