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Types of Spoilage Quiz Questions and Answers 215 PDF Download

Learn types of spoilage quiz, online cost accounting test 215 for distance learning, online courses. Free accounting MCQs questions and answers to learn types of spoilage MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on types of spoilage with answers, responsibility and controllability, inventory management system, accrual accounting rate of return method, data collection and adjustment issues, types of spoilage test for online accounting software courses distance learning.

Free types of spoilage online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: type of spoilage, which is considered as controllable and can be avoided is called with choices abnormal spoilage, normal spoilage, transferred-in spoilage and transferred-out spoilage for online business administrator interview questions and answers with BBA, MBA competitive exam tests, study spoilage, rework & scrap multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Types of Spoilage Video

Quiz on Types of Spoilage Worksheet 215 Quiz PDF Download

Types of Spoilage Quiz

MCQ. Type of spoilage, which is considered as controllable and can be avoided is called

  1. abnormal spoilage
  2. normal spoilage
  3. transferred-in spoilage
  4. transferred-out spoilage


Data Collection & Adjustment Issues Quiz

MCQ. In dependent variable cost pool, relationship between individual cost items and cost drivers can be classified as

  1. non homogeneous relationship
  2. homogeneous relationship
  3. an internal relationship
  4. an extreme relationship


Accrual Accounting Rate of Return Method Quiz

MCQ. If tax operating income is $885000 per year and net initial investment is $35750000 then increase in average is

  1. 0.475% per year
  2. 4.475% per year
  3. 3.475% per year
  4. 2.475% per year


Inventory Management System Quiz

MCQ. If purchase order lead time is 35 minutes and number of units sold per time is 400 units, then reorder point will be

  1. 14000 units
  2. 14500 units
  3. 15000 units
  4. 15500 units


Responsibility & Controllability Quiz

MCQ. Centers such as revenue, cost, investment and profit all are known as

  1. marketing center
  2. financial center
  3. responsibility center
  4. planning center