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Breakeven Point & Target Income Quiz Questions and Answers 204 PDF Download

Learn breakeven point & target income quiz questions, online MBA cost accounting test 204 for distance learning MBA programs, online accounting courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on cost volume profit analysis quiz, breakeven point & target income multiple choice questions and answers to learn accounting quiz with answers. Practice breakeven point and target income MCQs, GMAT test assessment on independent variables, accrual accounting rate of return method, cost analysis, regression line, breakeven point and target income practice test for online bachelors degree courses distance learning.

Study breakeven point & target income online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs): if fixed cost is $30000 and contribution margin per unit is $600 per unit, then breakeven in units will be, for BBA degree and executive MBA degree in accounting questions with choices 50 units, 60 units, 70 units, and 65 units with online learning guide for international exams' preparation like GMAT test prep for good GMAT percentiles. Learn cost volume profit analysis quizzes with problem solving skills assessment test for online GMAT test for GMAT exam preparation. Breakeven Point & Target Income Video

Quiz on Breakeven Point & Target Income Worksheet 204Quiz PDF Download

Breakeven Point & Target Income Quiz

MCQ: If fixed cost is $30000 and contribution margin per unit is $600 per unit, then breakeven in units will be

  1. 50 units
  2. 60 units
  3. 70 units
  4. 65 units


Regression Line Quiz

MCQ: Relationship between cost and cost driver is economically plausible if goodness of fit

  1. has meaning
  2. has no meaning
  3. has index values
  4. has no index values


Cost Analysis Quiz

MCQ: An overtime is considered in cost accounting as

  1. indirect costs
  2. overhead costs
  3. premium costs
  4. both a and b


Accrual Accounting Rate of Return Method Quiz

MCQ: Working capital cash outflow, cash outflow to buy machine and cash inflow from machine are examples of

  1. cash flow from operations
  2. terminal disposal of investment
  3. net initial investment
  4. average return on investment


Independent Variables Quiz

MCQ: Situation in which two or more independent variables are highly correlated is known as

  1. price linearity
  2. cost linearity
  3. division linearity
  4. multi-collinearity