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Strategic Analysis: Operating Income Quiz Questions and Answers 200 PDF Download

Strategic analysis operating income quiz questions, learn online MBA accounting test prep 200 for distance learning online MBA programs. College and university courses MCQs on balanced scorecard and strategic profitability analysis quiz, strategic analysis operating income multiple choice questions and answers to practice accounting quiz with answers. Learn strategic analysis: operating income MCQs, career aptitude test on breakeven point and target income, constant gross margin percentage nrv method, refining costing system, strategic analysis: operating income practice test for online financial accounting courses distance learning.

Practice strategic analysis operating income career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): an example of direct engineered cost is, for online business degree programs with options indirect material cost, direct material cost, direct labor cost, indirect labor cost for business schools online programs. Learn balanced scorecard and strategic profitability analysis questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for summative assessment of students with interactive student portal. Strategic Analysis: Operating Income Video

Quiz on Strategic Analysis: Operating Income Worksheet 200Quiz PDF Download

Strategic Analysis: Operating Income Quiz

MCQ: An example of direct engineered cost is

  1. indirect material cost
  2. direct material cost
  3. direct labor cost
  4. indirect labor cost


Refining Costing System Quiz

MCQ: Hierarchy which is based on different types of cost allocation and drivers, to categorize cost pool activity is classified as

  1. cost hierarchy
  2. price hierarchy
  3. activity hierarchy
  4. purpose hierarchy


Constant Gross Margin Percentage NRV Method Quiz

MCQ: Third step in constant gross margin percentage NRV Method to allocate joint cost is to compute

  1. Gross margin percentage
  2. total production cost of each product
  3. allocated joint costs
  4. cost of split off point


Breakeven Point & Target Income Quiz

MCQ: Graph, which shows change in sold quantity and its effect on operating income is called

  1. PV graph
  2. CV graph
  3. SO graph
  4. QI graph


Breakeven Point & Target Income Quiz

MCQ: Contribution margin is divided to operate income to calculate

  1. degree of operating leverage
  2. degree of change
  3. degree of change in margin
  4. degree of change in income