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Flexible Budget: Cost Accounting Quiz Questions and Answers 149 PDF Download

Learn flexible budget cost accounting quiz online, cost accounting test 149 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free flexible budget: cost accounting MCQs questions and answers to learn accounting quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on flexible budget: cost accounting test with answers, strategy implementation and balanced scorecard, capital budgeting and inflation, budgeting and responsibility accounting, variable and fixed overhead costs, flexible budget: cost accounting practice test for online accounting equation courses distance learning.

Free online flexible budget: cost accounting course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: if flexible budget amount is $82000 and actual result is $45000 then flexible budget amount will be with options $97,000 , $87,000 , $27,000 and $37,000 for online certification exams, competitive tests for national and international scholarships for students, study flexible budget & management control multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Flexible Budget: Cost Accounting Video

Quiz on Flexible Budget: Cost Accounting Worksheet 149 Quiz PDF Download

Flexible Budget: Cost Accounting Quiz

MCQ: If flexible budget amount is $82000 and actual result is $45000 then flexible budget amount will be

  1. $97,000
  2. $87,000
  3. $27,000
  4. $37,000


Variable & Fixed Overhead Costs Quiz

MCQ: In manufacturing settings, budgeted fixed overhead rate is classified as

  1. production numerator level
  2. production denominator level
  3. production cost level
  4. production fixed level


Budgeting & Responsibility Accounting Quiz

MCQ: Which of following is an example of revenue center?

  1. sales department
  2. investing center
  3. marketing department
  4. segment department


Capital Budgeting & Inflation Quiz

MCQ: Rate of required return to cover risk of investment, in absence of inflation is classified as

  1. real rate of return
  2. required rate of return
  3. nominal rate of return
  4. none of above


Strategy Implementation & Balanced Scorecard Quiz

MCQ: Which of following is an example of internal business perspective in balanced scorecard?

  1. employee turnover rates
  2. operating capabilities and number of patents
  3. operating income and revenue growth
  4. customer satisfaction and market share