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Use of Variances Quiz Questions and Answers 111 PDF Download

Learn use of variances quiz online, cost accounting test 111 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free use of variances MCQs questions and answers to learn accounting quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on use of variances test with answers, economic value added, organization structure and management accountant, building block concepts of costing systems, inventory costing: manufacturing companies, use of variances practice test for online international business degree courses distance learning.

Free online use of variances course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: static budget amount is subtracted from actual result to calculate with choices static budget receipts, static budget deviation, static budget variance and multiple budget variance with online most common interview questions with answer key for fresh and experienced graduates, study direct cost variances & management control multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Use of Variances Video

Quiz on Use of Variances Worksheet 111 Quiz PDF Download

Use of Variances Quiz

MCQ: Static budget amount is subtracted from actual result to calculate

  1. static budget receipts
  2. static budget deviation
  3. static budget variance
  4. multiple budget variance


Inventory Costing: Manufacturing Companies Quiz

MCQ: In variable costing, an effect on cost volume profit relationship is driven by

  1. unit level of sales
  2. unit level of production
  3. unit level of inventory
  4. unit dividends


Building Block Concepts of Costing Systems Quiz

MCQ: If an actual manufacturing overhead costs is $485000 and actual total quantity of cost allocation base is 4500 labor hours, then overhead rate would be

  1. 109.87
  2. $107.78
  3. $106.56
  4. $104.34


Organization Structure & Management Accountant Quiz

MCQ: Function of plant manager, in which he is responsible for new assets investment is termed as

  1. line function
  2. staff function
  3. asset function
  4. investment function


Economic Value Added Quiz

MCQ: If working capital is $265000 and current liabilities are $378000, then current assets can be

  1. $113,000
  2. $643,000
  3. $743,000
  4. $543,000