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Breakeven Point & Target Income Quiz Questions and Answers 102 PDF Download

Learn breakeven point & target income quiz questions, online MBA cost accounting test 102 for distance learning MBA programs, online accounting courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on financial ratios analysis quiz, breakeven point & target income multiple choice questions and answers to learn accounting quiz with answers. Practice breakeven point and target income MCQs, GMAT test assessment on accounting strategy, quantitative analysis in marketing, estimating cost function using quantitative analysis, efficiency variance in accounting, breakeven point and target income practice test for online cost management accounting courses distance learning.

Study breakeven point & target income online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs): if sales quantity is 7000 units and breakeven quantity is 1500 units, then margin of safety would be, for BBA degree and executive MBA degree in accounting questions with choices 4500 units, 5500 units, 8500 units, 9500 units with online sample interview questions and answers, competitive tests preparation for business jobs hiring. Learn financial ratios analysis quizzes with problem-solving skills assessment test for online GMAT test for GMAT exam preparation. Breakeven Point & Target Income Video

Quiz on Breakeven Point & Target Income Worksheet 102Quiz PDF Download

Breakeven Point & Target Income Quiz

MCQ: If sales quantity is 7000 units and breakeven quantity is 1500 units, then margin of safety would be

  1. 4500 units
  2. 5500 units
  3. 8500 units
  4. 9500 units


Efficiency Variance in Accounting Quiz

MCQ: If budgeted price of input is $70, actual quantity of input is 250 units and allowed budgeted quantity of input is 90 units, then efficiency variance will be

  1. $23,800
  2. $11,200
  3. $12,200
  4. $13,200


Estimating Cost Function using Quantitative Analysis Quiz

MCQ: An estimation of relationship between two or more independent variables and dependent variables are classified as

  1. One variable series
  2. multiple regression
  3. simple regression
  4. Two way regression


Quantitative Analysis in Marketing Quiz

MCQ: Second step for estimation of cost function by using quantitative analysis is to

  1. choose independent variable
  2. choose cost estimation method
  3. choose price estimation method
  4. choose dependent variable


Accounting Strategy Quiz

MCQ: In strategy formulation, forces that must be focused for industry analysis include

  1. potential entrants in market
  2. customer's bargaining power
  3. supplier's bargaining power
  4. all of above