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Budgeting & Responsibility Accounting Quiz Questions and Answers 93 PDF Download

Budgeting and responsibility accounting quiz questions, learn online MBA accounting test prep 93 for distance learning online MBA programs. College and university courses MCQs on budgeting and accounting quiz, budgeting and responsibility accounting multiple choice questions and answers to practice accounting quiz with answers. Learn budgeting and responsibility accounting MCQs, career aptitude test on manufacturing, merchandising and service sector companies, building block concepts of costing systems, payback method, planning of variable and fixed overhead costs, budgeting and responsibility accounting practice test for online business accounting software courses distance learning.

Practice budgeting and responsibility accounting career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): an assignment of task for managers, who are accountable for their actions in controlling and budgeting of resources is classified as, for online business degree programs with options coordinating the company effort, action plan, action accountability, project accountability for online colleges for business degree. Learn budgeting and accounting questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for bachelors in business administration degree courses preparation. Budgeting & Responsibility Accounting Video

Quiz on Budgeting & Responsibility Accounting Worksheet 93Quiz PDF Download

Budgeting & Responsibility Accounting Quiz

MCQ: An assignment of task for managers, who are accountable for their actions in controlling and budgeting of resources is classified as

  1. coordinating the company effort
  2. action plan
  3. action accountability
  4. project accountability


Planning of Variable & Fixed Overhead Costs Quiz

MCQ: An energy, machine maintenance, indirect materials and engineering support are considered as

  1. variable overhead cost
  2. fixed overhead cost
  3. fixed batch cost
  4. variable batch cost


Payback Method Quiz

MCQ: Payback period is multiplied for constant increase in yearly future cash flows to calculate

  1. cash value of money
  2. net initial investment
  3. net future value
  4. time value of money


Building Block Concepts of Costing Systems Quiz

MCQ: Systematic way of linking group of indirect cost to a cost object is classified as

  1. linked allocation base
  2. direct allocation base
  3. indirect allocation base
  4. cost allocation base


Manufacturing, Merchandising & Service Sector Companies Quiz

MCQ: Manufacturing sector companies include

  1. distribution companies
  2. textile companies
  3. retailing companies
  4. internet service providers