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Fixed Overhead Cost Variances Quiz Questions and Answers 64 PDF Download

Fixed overhead cost variances quiz questions, learn online MBA accounting test prep 64 for distance learning online MBA programs. College and university courses MCQs on flexible budget overhead cost variance quiz, fixed overhead cost variances multiple choice questions and answers to practice accounting quiz with answers. Learn fixed overhead cost variances MCQs, career aptitude test on accounting strategy, curves and nonlinear cost function, capital budgeting and inflation, accounting principals, fixed overhead cost variances practice test for online accounting software courses distance learning.

Practice fixed overhead cost variances career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): if an actual incurred cost is $387500 and flexible budget amount is $168750, then fixed overhead variance of flexible budget would be, for online business degree programs with options $518,750, $418,750, $218,750, $318,750 for masters in business administration. Learn flexible budget overhead cost variance questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test to prepare entrance exam for admission in MBA degree program. Fixed Overhead Cost Variances Video

Quiz on Fixed Overhead Cost Variances Worksheet 64Quiz PDF Download

Fixed Overhead Cost Variances Quiz

MCQ: If an actual incurred cost is $387500 and flexible budget amount is $168750, then fixed overhead variance of flexible budget would be

  1. $518,750
  2. $418,750
  3. $218,750
  4. $318,750


Accounting Principals Quiz

MCQ: Budget, which predicts effect of given level of operations on a cash position is classified as

  1. market budget
  2. price schedule
  3. planned schedule
  4. cash budget


Capital Budgeting & Inflation Quiz

MCQ: Rate of return to cover a risk of investment and decrease in purchasing power, as a result of inflation is known as

  1. nominal rate of return
  2. accrual accounting rate of return
  3. real rate of return
  4. required rate of return


Curves & Nonlinear Cost Function Quiz

MCQ: As compared to cumulative average-time learning model, learning model which predicts more cumulative total time to produce more units is known as

  1. incremental unit time learning model
  2. incremental price learning model
  3. incremental unit average model
  4. incremental cost learning model


Accounting Strategy Quiz

MCQ: An ability of an organization, to offer its services or products that must be perceived by customers as unique and superior, in comparison to its competitors is called

  1. inelastic demand
  2. product differentiation
  3. cost leadership
  4. elastic demand