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Decision Making Process and Information Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Download

Learn decision making process and information multiple choice questions, MBA cost accounting online test 1 for MBA degree, online courses test prep. Practice concept of relevance multiple choice questions (MCQs), decision making process and information quiz questions and answers. Learn concept of relevance, make versus buy decisions, decision making process, insourcing versus outsourcing career test for online accounting software courses distance learning.

Study bachelor of business administration and masters in accounting degree courses, decision making process and information quiz, study guide has multiple choice question (MCQs): kind of costs that has been occurred in past are also known as with options recorded costs, unrecorded costs, sunk costs and bunked costs for current students to get good grades in midterm and final exams with online distance learning resources. Practice skills assessment test to learn online concept of relevance quiz questions with financial accounting MCQs for competitive exam prep for higher education. Concept of Relevance Video

MCQ on Decision Making Process and Information Test 1Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Kind of costs that has been occurred in past are also known as

  1. unrecorded costs
  2. recorded costs
  3. sunk costs
  4. bunked costs


MCQ: Factor, which is largely considered in making or buying decisions is

  1. quality of suppliers
  2. dependability of suppliers
  3. production irrelevancy
  4. both a and b


MCQ: third step in decision making process is

  1. linear predictions
  2. dependent predictions
  3. making predictions
  4. independent predictions


MCQ: As compared to irrelevant cost, occurrence of relevant costs must

  1. have high correlation
  2. be in future
  3. be in past
  4. be zero correlated


MCQ: Decisions made by team of individuals or single person, whether to outsource products or in-source are classified as

  1. demand or supply decisions
  2. make or buy decisions
  3. relevant or irrelevant decision
  4. idle or busy decisions