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Cost Management and Pricing Decisions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Book Download

Cost management and pricing decisions MCQs, cost management and pricing decisions quiz with answers to learn MBA accounting quiz 1 for accounting online courses. Learn cost based pricing multiple choice questions (MCQs), cost management and pricing decisions quiz questions and answers. Free e-learning tutorial on cost based pricing, product budgeting life cycle and costing, value engineering, insurance and lock in costs test prep for accounting related certifications.

Practice cost management and pricing decisions career test with multiple choice question: practice by seller, about offering same product at different prices, to different customers is known as, to learn finance and accounting degree with options price discrimination, price incurrence, price targeting, price engineering for masters in accounting jobs. Professional skills assessment test with online learning cost based pricing quiz questions with financial accounting MCQs for finance certifications. Cost Based Pricing Video

MCQ on Cost Management & Pricing Decisions Test 1Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Pricing method used by services companies, such as home repair services, architectural firms and automobile repair services is known as

  1. product life cycle method
  2. life cycle budgeting method
  3. life cycle costing method
  4. time and material method


MCQ: Practice by seller, about offering same product at different prices, to different customers is known as

  1. price incurrence
  2. price discrimination
  3. price targeting
  4. price engineering


MCQ: Total cost incur by customer to use, acquire, maintain and dispose service or product is classified as

  1. budgeted life cycle
  2. targeted life cycle
  3. customer life cycle
  4. operating life cycle


MCQ: If cost is eliminated, then reducing perceived usefulness that customers can obtain by using market offering will come under

  1. designed-in costs
  2. locked-in costs
  3. value added cost
  4. non-value added cost


MCQ: If total production is 25000 units and target annual operating income is $300000, then target operating income per unit would be

  1. $15
  2. $12
  3. $16
  4. $18