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Management accounting multiple choice questions, learn online MBA accounting test prep for MBA programs online courses. Learn management accounting in organization multiple choice questions (MCQs), management accounting quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on management accounting guidelines, management accounting, strategic decisions aptitude test for online university degree courses distance learning.

Practice management accounting in organization aptitude test MCQs: an accounting approach, in which expected benefits exceed expected cost is classified as, for free online business management courses with options benefit approach, cost approach, cost-benefit approach, accounting approach for online college business degree. Free skills assessment test is for online learning management accounting quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers for BBA subjects preparation for business school students. Management Accounting Video

MCQ on Management AccountingQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Purpose of management accounting is to

  1. past orientation
  2. help banks make decisions
  3. help managers make decisions
  4. help investors make decision


MCQ: An accounting approach, in which expected benefits exceed expected cost is classified as

  1. benefit approach
  2. cost approach
  3. cost-benefit approach
  4. accounting approach


MCQ: In management accounting, an emphasis and focus must be

  1. future oriented
  2. past oriented
  3. communication oriented
  4. bank oriented


MCQ: Philosophy, in which management works to improve value chain of products, to exceed customer expectations is classified as

  1. quality
  2. management chain
  3. customer chain
  4. cost chain


MCQ: Point at which control functions and planning of management come together is known as

  1. functioning
  2. variance
  3. variation
  4. deviation